Saturday, January 14, 2017

2016 Retrospective: Loss

Memento mori

As early as summer, I saw signs that people wanted to erase 2016 from history. Just skip it. The passive aggressive memes were strong. It had to do with politics, with socioeconomic outrage, with dying.

Here are some crazy deaths:
  • Harambe (1*)
  • Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash (16)
  • Orlando Night Club shooting (50)

[*Yes, I realize Harambe was an ape. Maybe it's not so crazy.] And then there were celebrity and culturally-significant deaths.

I wasn't a fan of Leonard Cohen, but he passed this year. So did two majorly influential idols of mine in the music arena: David Bowie and Prince. I've already written mostly about the latter, but the first one I am still in astonished about. I mean, it was sudden and it was right near Bowie's birthday anniversary and schedule album release. Still shocked.

And then there were more personal passings. A suicide, and another sudden happening of my grandmother. My maternal grandmother, aged 88, had many scares in the past few years, but she always fully recovered. She was an example of an active, educated octogenarian that broke the stereotype. She still drove herself around, and she was incredibly active in volunteering and card playing social circles. She even exercised. All of this with multiple sclerosis diagnosed some 40+ years ago. What an inspiring person.

Next year (2017) can't have this amount of death, can it? When I think about all the aging rock stars, the icons of the 20th century... does death become the norm? Is it part of growing older? If it is, I must endeavor to create (rather than destroy).

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Entry #010

Beverly Hills, burning off plastic
Scraped it away, I do, I may


Hey, who's your man? Dances the alleys
Cape land to colors rolling through the valley


Hold tight, horizon eyes
It's writing its name in the sky
It's paradise!
We fade away into the night

Beverly Hills, nuclear winter
What should we wear, and who's for dinner?


Hold tight, our love will fade out
It's writing its name in the sky
And I'll stop and stare
We fade away into the night
It's paradise!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Internal dialog about the 2016 Election (Trump)

Is this a joke?

Am I so out of touch with the public?

Has Trump even read one book?

I would have voted for almost anyone other than him, but never him.

What side of history do these voters think they are on?

Do I have to buy a gun now (to feel 'safe')?

Does Russia have any redeemable qualities?

Intelligent people shouldn't be scared of their leaders.

What would Grammy think about this situation? 

Does Trump care about anything other than economics and money? Scientific progress? The environment? Crime? Morality?

Are minorities as afraid as I am?

Are women afraid?

Is this better than having Trump as non-President for the rest of my days?

Hopefully, he will be impeached before he gets to the 4th year (and Lame Duck period).

He's freaking 70 years old...

Is this actually better long-term? Next election might be nice.

...more later...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Game of Thrones 2017 Season Predictions

Game of Thrones season six just ended. I really enjoy the show. I've only read the first book, so I'm focusing on the TV universe here when I say that it has jumped the shark. It was a good run, but the pop culture virus that makes all great franchises more consumable, more watered-down, has finally infected the HBO series. Also, George R.R. Martin is apparently no longer the source material for the series--it has begun its own path.

When the season started back in April, I had this funny feeling that the storylines were being dragged out. For instance, Arya was basically waffling around for 3 episodes until something interesting happened. The same goes for Daenerys... a few small scenes could have summed up her story arc, rather than 8 episodes of fluff. And, let's not mention Bran's ability to time travel... what a bad writing choice.

The other problem, and I think it was not a decision by the producers and writing staff, was to have a "Previously, on Game of Thrones" segue to help people understand what scenes are about to unfold. One thing that Game of Thrones (and HBO) could hang its hat on is its elitist attitude toward cable TV. I really hate this opener, but unfortunately this is a really commonplace crutch that is beneficial to newbies, invalids, and the infirmed.

ANYWAY, here are my predictions for Season 7:
  • Something only mildly interesting will be revealed (Episode 1, Episode 4)
  • The Hound and Arya will become a Murder Team (Episode 5)
  • The Wall will be partially destroyed (Episode 8)
  • Cersei will become pregnant (Episode 9)
  • Nothing will happen with Dany's army until Episode 3
  • Bran's magic will reboot the timeline and ruin the entire show (Episode 9)
I'll post and update more as I think of crazy-ass TV tropes between now and next spring. We are Sparta!