Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Observations (October), What I Read, & Updates

  • I have been planning for years to wear the Thriller jacket and pants for Halloween. Now, eBay had to go and quadruple the demand and sale price. Now I've got to construct a puppet for a David Liebe Hart costume!
  • Rotten Tomatoes (see link) is absolutely the worst film/critic website out there. Trust me, it's the nadir of the internet: a place where fanboys constantly patrol for someone to say that the Dark Knight is just an action film.
  • Am I the only person who thinks Foo Fighters are overrated?
  • A Boondock Saints sequel is coming out, with a dumb subtitle (All Saints Day). Whoever thinks the Boondock Saints 1 is a great film is really sheltered.
  • LSU needs to change their ugly football helmet logos. It's 2009!
  • Do I think this is a good idea? Yes, yes I do:

Music columns I read religiously
Site updates
  • I have been working on a new labeling/keyword system to let the old (good) articles still be readily accessible (and not buried). It's a tag cloud now on the upper-right. Check it outz.
  • There may be an upcoming split into two blogs to make stuff easier to find.
  • FeedBurner and Twitter are now linked to here.
  • A shop has opened up in the hills of Somewhere, USA.
  • A special Music Videos 2000-2009 article will be published in the near future!
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