Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Richard Matheson R.I.P.

I learned that Richard Matheson passed away. He wrote one of my favorite books, and spawned a lot of good movies (and good writers). If you've read I Am Legend and liked the scientific slant of the story, I would recommend Hell House. It's about ghosts instead of zombie-vampires...

A few weeks before his death, I started writing an "odd couple" story that was vaguely about the undead. I named the protagonist after Matheson. Here is the partial intro of the story.


“You were seduced by a vampire.”
Drapes flew open. The girl on the couch squinted in their direction. A jacket was picked up from off the living room floor.

This happened from time to time. Matheson’s roommate would come in a little late, and have to get to bed immediately. The “victim” was left on the couch for another day’s late night snack. But this was no ordinary day.

Matheson was a good roommate. The complete opposite of a night stalker in temperament. He was ambivalent about girls. He usually made coffee or tea for the lucky survivor. And, Matheson told them the truth. They usually just wanted to discover where they were and how they got there. 

"Yep, a vampire."
He usually told the simplest of truths.

The girl sat up, her hair a little frazzled (but not too bad). She was dark toned and dark-haired. She wore a short skirt and a necklace of big obsidian beads. The necklace complimented her blouse (which was black, too).


Mycroft was tucked deep under covers, under pillows, in the darkness. Matheson rarely went into his roommate's crypt. He always slept like the Dead.


I was thinking about calling it Coffinmates.

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