Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gentlemen Broncos quotes?

Wow. People must really abhor this film. I can only find two goddamn quotes on the entire web for this entirely quotable, Napoleon Dynamite-caliber* film. I make it my mission to make the first reasonable fan page in existance. (Perhaps) my fanpage will contain:
  • Bronco (and Broncanuss) full body shots
  • Yeast lore
  • Ronald Chevalier's guide to character naming
  • Popcorn balls

And, what's with the lack of video clips? Was there a RIAA witchhunt for them?

*in quotability

P.S.: Rotten Tomatoes is the worst. Biased, fanboy, fickle, myopic, etc.


  1. I have absolutley no idea why people don't like this movie.It is incredible. Sam Rockwell is amazing in it, he's hilarous.
    The movie is quirky, awkward, and ridiculous. At the very least, highly-quotable.

  2. Agreed! I wish I could listen Chevalier's voice all day. It's awesome.

  3. Troll Girl: What about names found in troll colonies?

    Chevalier: In troll colonies, well, that's a different matter. Give me an example.

    Troll Girl: One of my trolls is named Teacup.

    Chevalier: I don't like it. I would go with Trojainous every time.

    Chevalier: (Troll Girl raised her hand again) Yes?

    Troll Girl: But I still like the name Teacup better.

    Chevalier: It's not a ... It's not a question of liking it better, it's just I'm, as an author, picturing myself as a troll mother. I have just given birth to a litter of troll cubs.
    They're covered in placentae, pawing at my many teats for the vital, life-giving colostrum. I'm not thinking, "Hmm, Teacup," am I?

    1. Oh my god I can hear their voices in my head. I love this exchange.

  4. "Cyclops there. Cyclops there. Cyclops there. Turrets. Moon buggies. Oh my holy crap. Survelliance does. I hate those."

  5. "Within my breast meat there is a famine, no more sweets in the mammary cannon. You are Gorgana, my eagle, my queen, your ovaries will destroy me. Collect me in your wings, I am just a man and I want to breed! Together we will learn to love, You gorgeous hag, you freak machine."

  6. "You took my nads, Dennis!"
    "We only took one."

  7. If you like Jemaine Clement try the movie Eagle vs Shark. It is pretty funny and has several good quotes that are not on the web :-)

  8. Lonnie: Oooooooh - oooooh
    (eats potato chip)


  9. We're stopping at the Cozy Cafe for lunch.

  10. Best line. "Are you telling me how trolls are named?" Might not be exactly right, watched it awhile ago. me and my friends repeat this line about lots of things. Are you telling me how gentlemen Broncos are quoted?


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