Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best of the Year 2010: Film

[I know it's mid-January... but I had to catch up on film]

The Fighter
Should have been titled the Fighters. Bale's character (Dicky Ecklund) digs deeper into boxing and New England slumming than the titular character (and actor) could ever try. English acting outstages a homegrown Bostonite! Huzzah!

Every once in awhile we need a movie to update us on the latest Defcon procedures. This wins the award of Best Driving of a Car with a Tazer.

Alice in Wonderland
Way better than most of the recent stuff Burton's done!

Come on! For all the entertainment in the world, none can compare to the Dream World. People like to point out flaws of the this film, but compare it to some great films like Dark Knight and Matrix (which are even more flawed). This film has replay value of immense proportions. Like looking at the same painting and finding a color you never saw before. Suspend your disbelief. Dream.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best of the Year 2010: Song

"Dirty Cartoons"

Sleigh Bells

"The Believers"
How to Destroy Angels

"Dance Yrslf Clean"
LCD Soundsystem

"On Melancholy Hill"

I also liked "Runaway" (live on MTV VMAs, of course)

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