Monday, January 2, 2012

Best of the Year 2011: Song

From their free iPad-made album, this song is a big wall of sound vibe-y goodness.

"End to the Lies"
Jane's Addiction
Although the album was widely panned, this track is great rock.

"Art of Almost"
Tweedy's brand of electronica. I dig it.

"Queen of Hearts"
Fucked Up
Holy gosh! Toronto is so hot right now.

"Niggas in Paris"
Jay-Z & KanYe West
On my 8-hour drive to Hometown, I listened to a heap of R&B and rap radio. These guys are a killer duo. I can't think of any other in history. The Blades of Glory sample is witty. There's some Dre-esque backbeat, and a Nine Inch Nails coda. This is the second biggest thing Jay-Z's done this year. This is the best track of the year.

Movies watched in 2020

Here's my annual list. I beat 2019 by about 60 . I stopped tracking TV series, too. The only films I saw in theaters were: Star Wars IX,...