Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lettice Envent! Some new words

This is an experiment after a discussion about the lack of words in English. I mean, there’s only one real word for “love” (what a drag). All the new non-Latin words are being gobbled up by drugs, Star Wars things, and internet apps; it’s time to claim some for the sake of creative writing. The pronunciation and word usage is wide open, ready to be captured and twisted by English grammar police.
  • “zobe”: perhaps a child’s name or a flavored drink
  • “zideous”
  • “ximimeogram”
  • “spiceice”: spicy icicles?
  • “sowantu”: I so want to come up with a definition of this
  • “sollic”
  • “pentonexus”: the penultimate nexus
  • “dreek”
  • “dreculation”
  • “delthumb”
  • “corce”
  • “bibie”
  • “anticarol”: a song sung by a group to spread fear
Again, these have not really been researched and I did this late at night. So, if you want to define these new words or make them your own, go for it!

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