Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lettice Envent! Some new words

This is an experiment after a discussion about the lack of words in English. I mean, there’s only one real word for “love”. All the new non-Latin words are being gobbled up by drugs, Star Wars things, and internet apps, so it’s time to claim some for the sake of creative writing. The pronunciation and word usage is wide open, ready to be captured and twisted by English grammar police.

  • “zobe”: perhaps a child’s name or a flavored drink
  • “zideous”
  • “ximimeogram”
  • “spiceice”: spicy icicles?
  • “sowantu”: I so want to come up with a definition of this
  • “sollic”
  • “pentonexus”: the penultimate nexus
  • “dreek”
  • “dreculation”
  • “delthumb”
  • “corce”
  • “bibie”
  • “anticarol”: a song sung by a group to spread fear
Again, these have not really been researched and I did this late at night. So, if you want to define these new words or make them your own, go for it!

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