Monday, February 12, 2018

Indiana Jones 5 title speculation

With the nearing release of Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One, I wanted to take the opportunity to try and predict the plot and title of the announced sequel to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Here goes...

It's going to be about the afterlife. Hell, they've already covered aliens... How do you top extraterrestrials? I can guarantee mortality will be the motif.

Now for setting, I suspect something Egyptian. The Lost Ark was in Egypt, but the Ancient Egyptian culture is ripe for Indy. Perhaps the founding of Israel? It could be about Jewish/Christian mythology, too, but that's already been played in two of the movies. Maybe undead things?!? I'm going to maybe surmise there will be a sacrifice or even a zombification of the hero. Maybe that's a reach...

I definitely know things that it won't do: dinosaurs, killer sharks, friendly aliens, the Holocaust (see a theme here?)

My educated guesses:
  • Indiana Jones and the Afterlife
  • Indiana Jones and the Cult of Osiris
  • Indiana Jones and the Land of the Dead
  • Indiana Jones and the Torment of the Undead
  • Indiana Jones and the Spectre of the Tomb
  • Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Messiah
  • Indiana Jones and the Mortal Coil
  • Indiana Jones and the Deathly Hallows
  • Indiana Jones Meets the Grim Reaper!

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