Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best of the Year 2015: Television series

TV is going through growth spurt, and through growing pains. Rolling Stone had a great article on how the amount of new television series broadcast has eclipsed the hours in a year. You can no longer watch someone else's favorite TV program--you've got your own massive queue. Anyway, here is what I watched and enjoyed the most.

Game of Thrones
Season 5
Always satisfying. Is this a show, or a long-form movie?

True Detective
Season 2
Even though critics widely dismissed the second season, it was quite good. Better than a lot of crummy shows out there. Waiting for season three.

The Last Man on Earth
Season 1
A hilarious breath of fresh air to apocalyptic media. Can't wait for next season.

Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter
Season 1
It's a mini-series, but I would guess it will be picked up next year by Adult Swim. It starts with the death of Paul Rudd, and ends with a spaceship powered by werewolf howls. The Jaws homage is excellent. Heermp!

The Walking Dead
Season 5
I am so sick of zombies. But, when Steven Yuen's character seemingly met his demise, I had an emotional response. I guess the simplistic, dumb show got to me.

The Leftovers
Season 2
Quite a departure from the first season, and this one is way more interesting. The final episodes of the season had me gasping for breath (because my mind was blown). Great story, great characters. It's and underrated underdog drama--the best kind.

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