Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best of the Year 2013: TV

I still haven't caught up on Eastbound & Down, or seen any of Breaking Bad past season one (I don't pay for cable)... but here's what I picked for this year:

Highly impressed that this CW teen drama is actually pretty deep. It's formulaic, but it has a Lost-like flashback to it that sends it to the top tier of television. Also, the young actors out-act the seniors in the show.

Orange is the New Black
I just love Crazy Eyes! I guess the rest of the characters are interesting...

Under the Dome
I wasn't convinced (until later) that this was a good show. But, again, the Lost influence does its magic.

American Horror Story: Asylum
Second season totally sold me on what this show is doing. It's incredible, despite having the FX stereotype of being soap opera-ish. Frigging Jessica Lange is excellent. This year had everything: demonic possessions, serial killers, mad scientists, monsters, and even alien abductions!

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