Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Entry #008

I think I'm in love
(probably just hungry)

I think I'm your friend
(probably just lonely)

I think you got me in a spin now
(probably just turning)

I think I'm a fool for you, babe
(probably just learning)

I think I can rock and roll
(probably just twisting)

I think I wanna tell the world now
(probably ain't listening)

I think I can fly
(probably just falling)

I think I'm the life and soul
(probably just snorting)

I think I can hit the mark
(probably just aiming)

I think my name is on your lips
(probably complaining)

I think that I have caught it bad
(probably contagious)

I think that I'm a winner, baby
(probably Las Vegas)

1 comment:

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