Friday, July 20, 2012

Austin Recycling: What about Glass?

Oct 2013 update: it seems that glass is now a big part of Austin Recycling! Yay!

For living in a progressive, conscientious city like Austin, it is a chore to recycle some things. Some things (like paper and aluminum) seem to be easy to do, but this city is pretty terrible compared to my hometown (population 10,000), which takes just about anything curb-side. My apartment complex doesn't even have recycle bins.

So, I've made plans to create a one-stop database for all the places in Austin to recycle: (hopefully will be live soon)

In the meantime, here is my wishlist (call for submissions, if you will) for more information on recycle places for the following items:
  • GLASS: 9th Street only? If so, this is a travesty. Update Nov 30 2012: a brief explanation why...
  • ELECTRONICS: Best Buy takes a heap of stuff now. There is a spot at the door for CDs and Remotes! Goodwill Thrift Stores also take electronics (even non-working ones).
  • METALS:  there's a spot on the extreme southern part of S. Congress, but I am not certain.
Also, here's a bunch of links I found about recycling in ATX, but they're often OUTDATED and UNCLEAR:

See also: The Austin plastic bag ban: will it succeed?


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  2. A guy at Goodwill told me Dell pays them 11 cents per pound of used computer hardware, whether it works or not.


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