Monday, April 30, 2012

Entry #007

OK, I'd like to thank Kanye
And my nigga Deezle for giving me this diesel
Like a F-350, tank never empty
Damn, everybody in the bank act friendly!
Used to think my shit didn't stank, boy was I wrong
Approving million dollar deals from my iPhone
I'm gonna take it one, two, way back
Like a silk wifebeater and a wavecap
Or the wave pool at Blue Bayou
And I waved fool, as I blew by you

1 comment:

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    Well, today the team launched a Kickstarter to raise $400,000 for the project, which is now a 5-6-episode webseries based on Square's popular role-playing game. They say they've got the blessing of series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi—and the rights to use music from Final Fantasy VII.
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