Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best of 2009: Television

One of the best ideas for a fake reality show ever. Follows a witness-protected guy (whose face and voice are hidden), and bromance with his bodyguard. Funny in a way that the Office tries, but cannot.

I got turned onto this a few years too late. It's marvelous. Every character is deep and interesting. Plus, the off-screen drama just adds to the complexity of this show (is Duchovny really banging all of these chicks in real life?)

Eastbound & Down
I really like Danny McBride for some reason. Maybe it's the hick accent, maybe it's the carefree gut. Maybe it's his tribute to all the oddball catch phrases ("fly as I say fly!", "master and commander!"). The niche of the white-trash-turned-baseball-star has never really been exploited in television, and never this way. It's hilarious. Sometimes I don't think he's acting.

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