Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best of 2009: Movie

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince
I never read any of these children's books, but this movie is the perfect mix of darkness, humor and action.

(500) Days of Summer 
(Late entry, just finished it.) I replaced this film over Funny People, because Summer is just a tad better to be #6. It's rare to have a great movie about romance that isn't comedy or action. The fact that the narrator states it is "not a love story" at the beginning just totally goes against everything most films hold dear. Sure, it was being ironic, but there's some double entendre about it that makes it deep.

Star Trek
I really really reluctantly chose this one as a pick, because I have a prejudice for lasers on a starship, time travel films and  rewriting canon. The camera shots are shaky at times, but its utterly satisfying in a way the original cast could not have achieved. Why didn't Shatner make an appearance?

The Hurt Locker
Probably the only Iraq War film that will ever be worth its salt. Bonus: All these famous cameos... and they all die!

Where the Wild Things Are
Perhaps you have forgotten the genius of Spike Jonze. A children's book from the 60s may be his perfect project. Did you know Tom Hanks helped produce this, and that it sat on the shelf for over a year? That kid actor is perfect, and the story is as close to my childhood imagination as can be. The music is whimsical and haunting. Sure, the scenes are different but it's a movie forty years after the book's publication. My prediction for the Oscar nod!

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