Monday, July 27, 2009

Thief Gold on a modern system

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I hate how gaming companies try to resolve problems via an online forum or messageboard. Posts get deprecated so easily, and sifting through the replies is a chore. Isn't the internet supposed to make life easier?

Thief: the Dark Project is one of the best first-person shooter ideas ever. It's innovative and epic. One of the best things is that there are no guns. Ingenious.

However, this ten-year-old game is feeling the effects of the Computer Age, and my copy takes a little fixing on my system.

Part A: Installing Thief

Speaking of deprecated... computer game installers are notorious for becoming obsolete approximately 10 seconds after they ship. DirectX (aka Direct3D) is making leaps and bounds, and leaving all the old stuff drowning in the wake of incompatibility. Thief Gold is one of those casualties. If you obtain the older discs for this game, here is how to play them on a newer computer system.

The fix:
  1. In Windows, open the Run application (shortcut is Windows Key + R).
  2. Type in x:\setup -lgntforce
  3. Click OK
  4. Install Thief without problems.

Part B: Playing Thief without freezes

Intel's Hyperthreading technology chewed this game and its sequel to bits. There is a quick, non-permanent fix (which gets tedious), and there is a long-term resolution to playing Thief Gold on a Pentium.

The (short-term) fix:

  1. Open Task Manager (for later).
  2. Run the Thief executable (THIEF.EXE).
  3. Immediately Alt+Tab (or Window key) out of the game.
  4. Find THIEF.EXE under the Processes tab in Task Manager.
  5. Right-click on the Image Name and choose "Set Affinity".
  6. Un-check one of the CPU's and click OK.
  7. Alt-Tab back into the game and play.
  8. Repeat every time the game is run.

The (long-term) fix:
I just ordered Thief II. I can't wait to tackle its problems!



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