Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quake and Quake II on a modern system

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I may go into how awesome Quake 1 is someday, I want to address a common problem with newer video cards and graphics chipsets: GLQuake won't work!

The fix:
  1. Delete (or rename or move) opengl32.dll from the Quake directory.
  2. Play!
Some great console commands for GLQuake are:
  • r_wateralpha .8 will make the water slightly transparent
  • r_mirroralpha .8 will make slipgates kinda transparent
  • +mlook will make the mouse work better

Also, I wanted to recommend FitzQuake as a good engine for today's needs. So is JoeQuake (gives Quake 3 looks to stuff), but I don't think it's being developed. They're nice and bright (cough, cough IDGamma). Another useful article is here.

Speaking of brightness, what about Quake II? Sure, it wasn't that spectacular of a sequel. It was a departure alright. But, with modern systems the game may be too dark. Here's what you do:
  1. Access the configuration file at \%Quake2%\baseq2\config.cfg
  2. Look for gl_modulate and change the number to 2.5
  3. Look for gl_shadows and change the number to 0
  4. Save and play!
If you are doing some testing in-game (ad hoc) in console (~ key), make sure to type: "disconnect" to apply the changes.

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Recommended GLQuake Console Commands

+mlook r_wateralpha .8 r_mirroralpha .8 sv_aim 1 showturtle 1 r_timegraph 1 r_shadows 1 crosshair 2 * http://www.gamers.org/dEngine...