Friday, January 9, 2015

Titanfall and the game year

Reports say that Titanfall users surpassed 8 million at the end of 2014. This is a "best of the year" article about the game and sleeper success. I am a gamer on a budget. And, I am a gamer who plays 3 games a year. This means I have to wait for good deals to come by--I never pay retail. And, I finally broke the bank and spent $10.00 on Titanfall for Christmas.

Titanfall was released by EA in early 2014. It had a lot of hype--the E3 debut was very well received. But, there was no gamer buzz. Gamers were distracted by old games, primarily. To me, 2014 was a lackluster year. Destiny still seems so overrated. And the rest... same franchises, same gameplay.

Titanfall is a game changer--a watershed in FPS. While games like Call of Duty and Halo are still relatively the same since 2004, Titanfall is a logical move forward. It's a first step in combining RTS and MOBA into the first-person shooter schema. It makes MechWarrior look like Pong.

Reasons I like Titanfall:

1. It's a more complex FPS than anything out there.
2. It's easy as hell to learn.
3. It's easy for me to dominate.

It is not a perfect game. It is lacking a single player mode, and the storyline is unclear. But, people don't care about story when you pit it against gameplay and aesthetics.

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