Friday, January 3, 2014

Best of the Year 2013: Song

Lots of music to pick from, even though I went into a retro state this year with music.

"Here Comes the Night Time"
Arcade Fire
The band promoted the album by splicing it over Black Orpheus on YouTube for 24 hours. The juxtaposition blew me away. The entire album is a tad soporific, but there's a few songs on Reflektor that are just amazing. This one is the favorite.

"My God is the Sun"
Queens of the Stone Age
The best track of the record, and the "rock centerpiece" of Clockwork. I just love the bass guitar part of this song.

Alice in Chains
Another hard pick. This album is a total surprise (a good one).

"Afraid of Heights"
Hard to select a favorite from Afraid of Heights, but here's the best try. They're all equally good!

"New Slaves"
Kanye West
When I kept thinking about "what's the best song", one such stood out, over and over. It's raw, unexpected, and somehow original.

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