Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best of the Year 2012

...working on Best of the Year 2012 right now.

There will best lists for:
Stay tooned!

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  1. TOP1 cute champion: Captain Teemo on duty

    Captain Teemo on duty

    Speaking of cute creatures in League of Legends, Yordles are there,but captain Teemo, the Swift Scout must be the most renowned one.

    Captain Teemo is loved by many girls who play League of Legends for the first time due to its cute and tiny appearance and simple skills that are easy to start with. Many girls say that it’s because of the lovely Teemo that they join League of Legends and become summoners. However, the capacity of such summoners is not good with the poor defense of captain Teemo. Thus there’s a very popular catch phrase about Teemo who’s been killed 6.5 million times per day: we can lose the team fight, but Teemo must be killed.
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