Saturday, November 22, 2008


I will be taking a break for the holidays, but expect many new entries on the following:

* David Lee Roth, Madonna and music video virginity
* Myths that most older people believe
* The Who
* Michael Jackson
* Quake/Counter-Strike/EverQuest/World of Warcraft
* Gene Simmons
* Australia
* The dangers of classical music

Also, stay alert for the 2008 review in music, film, music video and gaming (around New Year's). And, there is a wikiproject you can jump in on if you're bored.

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  1. Great tool to knock down the base: Heaven's Halberd

    TI3 has come to a close and the last match between Alliance and Na’Vi has brought us so many surprises. All audience thought that Alliance would definitely lose the match as it was suppressed by Na’Vi from beginning to end, but the result was always unpredictable.

    No one would ever think that Chaos Knight’s Heaven's Halberd would become the key item of this match. I believe that you must be confused at first since Alliance couldn’t join in team fight. The answer to the question was disclosed at last. When Templar Assassin went back to protect the turret, he was stunned by Chaos Knight for four seconds and beat to low health, and then he was disarmed by Chaos Knight’s Heaven's Halberd for 4.5 seconds! It was 2.5 seconds more than Abyssal Blade on the duration of control! And it only cost 3850 gold! This item became the core item to knock down the base. Thus we can see Alliance’s awareness on DOTA2. There’s no easy victory.


Recommended GLQuake Console Commands

+mlook r_wateralpha .8 r_mirroralpha .8 sv_aim 1 showturtle 1 r_timegraph 1 r_shadows 1 crosshair 2 *