Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random Observations (November-December)

  • ESPN, I hate your website. I know you have the best coverage and everything, but I cannot stand auto-loading videos that play loudly while I'm reading an article. Screw you.
  • Dear rock bands, PLEASE STOP WRITING SONGS ABOUT SUPERMAN. Yes, he is a great symbol, but so is Batman. There are so many freaking songs with Clark Kent in them, and that means your new song idea is immediately irrelevant.
  • The same goes for new mascots. Please, lets retire Tiger. Maybe, perhaps we could use something more local? Panther is more local, so are bears and pronghorn sheep, which scare me. If you're going for scary, why not Tiger Shark?
  • Every time Architecture in Helsinki is/are mentioned, it sends me into a blind rage. Maybe it's because they're not from Helsinki. Maybe it's because it would embarrass the hell out of me if I were Australian. Maybe it's because they have five band members (four would be overkill). Maybe it's because they make the kind of music that Paul Simon would be into.
  • Carrie Fisher's autobiography (Wishful Drinking) is remarkably well-written. I always knew George Lucas was an ass...
  • The Spirit and Benjamin Button are coming out in December, and I will probably crown them the best two films of the year. Plus, they're both from stories more than 50 years old. Yes, the world did exist 50 years ago, Hollywood.
  • I had my fill of Simon Pegg about 10 seconds after I heard his accent. Anyone else want on the hate bandwagon?

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  1. Fantastic 3D-Printed Final Fantasy VII Models

    The works of Joaquin Baldwin were shown before. Here, we show you his new works- a full set of Final Fantasy VII low-poly figures—and they're up for sale, too.

    These figurines are available for purchase here. Otherwise, kind of amazing how well the 'graphics' work when it's toys we're talking about, eh? You never think, oh, this looks ugly or dated.



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