Sunday, November 2, 2008

Business Hugs and Brule's Rules (with bonus)

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  1. LOL enters financial world: AmericanExpress to launch Teemo debit card

    Recently, AmericanExpress announces that it will team up with RIOT to launch the Teemo debit card.

    Riot Points are an in-game currency normally acquired by spending real-world money. League of Legends developer Riot Games and American Express will formally unveil the debit cards on Wednesday (August 14th) local time.

    By registering a League of Legends prepaid card, you'll earn 1,000 Riot Points (roughly $7.70). You'll get another grand by loading $20 into the account or making your first 10 purchases. If you use Direct Deposit to add $20

    PBE update: teamfight UI added

    League of Legends PBE got updated again on August 13th: Master Yi was adjusted slightly after the nerf; Draven’s passive got nerfed again; items were changed a little. The most notable change is the newly-added teamfight UI in the game.


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